UV Sterilization Equipment Market Forecast

The UV sterilization lamp and equipment industry is expected to see continued growth at a compound annual growth rate of 23.6% through the year 2022, according to a market research report by Grand View Research. The UV equipment market is valued at $1.1 billion and is expected to grow to $3.4 billion by the year 2020.

UVC short wavelength lamps emit UVC which is proven to destroy the nucleus acid and the DNA of harmful cells in less than a minute. UV radiation can eliminate harmful airborne and aquatic organisms. UV disinfection systems are used in a variety of applications.

UV Sterilization Equipment Market Segments

The end use industries of the UV sterilization equipment market are residential, commercial or industrial. UV sterilization applications are categorized into different categories.

Water treatment – residential, commercial, industrial, municipal

Wastewater treatment travel uv light sanitizer

Air treatment includes residential, commercial, health care facilities and bioterror agents.

Food and beverage disinfection

Surface sterilization

The UV sterilization system market trends are classified by equipment such as the UV lamp, controller unit, reactor chamber and other components. Market trends are analyzed across the various regions.

North America – United States, Canada and Mexico

Europe – UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany

Asia-Pacific – China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea

Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and others are included in LAMEA.

The majority of UV equipment manufacturers are from the United States. Government policies for water and wastewater treatment are supported by this. Water and air pollution have been caused by rapid industrialization. The quality of the water resources is affected by this. Positive growth trends for the UV sterilization equipment market are expected to be contributed by the scarcity of freshwater resources and rising population.

The UV disinfection market in North America is growing due to the prevalence of diseases such as H1N1 and chronic disease. UV disinfection is a strong competitor to chemical water treatment in North America. UV water and air purification systems are expected to be a lucrative market segment.

UV Water Sterilization

There is an expected increase in demand for UV water sterilizing systems for use in large volume applications such as industrial water treatment processes, ballast water treatment systems, wastewater and municipal drinking water systems. UV sterilizing lamp manufacturers are investing in research and development to increase their performance.

Ultraviolet (UV) systems offer many benefits over traditional chemical methods such as easy installation, little to no maintenance and no environmental impact. Demand is expected to continue to drive due to the many benefits and high germicidal efficacy.

UV sterilizing lamps are available in different sizes and capacities. UV water disinfection has advantages over other methods. UV lamps are fast and effective, which makes them a good choice for long-term equipment. Even though other low-cost methods are more popular, these advantages are expected to spur growth.

Textile, chemical and oil and gas industries generate high volumes of wastewater. Wastewater treatment is increasing investments by various public and private bodies which is expected to drive UV sterilizing equipment industry growth.

UV Sterilization Lamp Suppliers

UV sterilization lamp suppliers must stay focused on research and development to remain competitive. The introduction of new UV equipment that is low-cost and easy to operate will be key to business sustainable and meeting market demands.

LightSources Offers UV Sterilization Lamp Solutions

LightSources offers UV sterilizing lamp solutions to large and small companies. LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe, and several partner companies are committed to research and development, high-quality and continual improvement.

The LightSources Group has a wide product line that includes proprietary technologies designed to increase performance, safety and sustainable living. We offer prototypes and custom designed solutions.

We use LongLife+, a special coating that may be applied to any of our sterilization lamps, to design and engineer UVC germicidal lamps. The proprietary pellet amalgam technology allows for greater output and efficiency in temperature fluctuations. Our lighting engineers are experts in UV radiation technology and can help you with custom lamp designs.


LAMP Applications:

The LightSources Group is a leading supplier of UV lamps. We deliver high-tech lamps with proprietary technology. We can help you improve your UV lamp component supply chain with high-quality, custom designed sterilizing lamps.

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