Usain Bolt Thanks Mario Kart: He Helped Him Become The Fastest Man In The World

During a final interview with BBC journalist Steffan Powell by Usain Bolt, the former Jamaican speedster thanked Mario Kart and spent hours competing on virtual circuits of the iconic arc series

The legendary Olympic champion, now the 100-metre world record holder, admitted not only to appreciate video games but to have integrated them into his training routine.

Bolt himself explains the reason for such a decision: “For me, there is one thing that I am particularly excited about in video games and it is their ability to learn from mistakes and to encourage you to be better and better. Video games helped me grow the right hunger for victories. That’s why, in a sense, video games have been very helpful in my sports activities and more generally in light athletics, because in this kind of races you can breathe the same atmosphere as in video games.”

Bolt, who was infuriated by his interviewer to further explore the subject, once again quoted Mario Kart as his ideal gaming pastime in the training routine and supported, jokingly, that if I had started his competitive activity today

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