Unsighted: The Interesting Metroidvania Is Available On Pc And Consoles

The metroidvania fans have been able to get their hands on excellent productions over the last few years, between the acclaimed Hollow Knight, or the next Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

A genre that continues to flourish, both at the Kickstar beaches, as evidenced by the remarkable fundraising of which we told you in our preview of Crowsworn, and among the small and large software houses, with the development of the expected Among the exponents of the metroidvanian tradition that have recently been greeted with warmth by critics and audiences, we can also mention Unsighted.

Developed by the Pixel Punk Studio team and published by Humble Games, the title is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to excellent reviews and word of mouth, Unsighted has been able to take some satisfactions away, with, for example, the Steam community that attributed a “very positive” evaluation. Also on the shores of Metacritic, the title has been able to achieve important results, with Metascore ranging between 84/100 and 88/100, although it is necessary to report a number of reviews rather contained.

On the Steam page of Unsighted, metroidvania fans can take a first look at the potential of the title, while directly at the bottom of this news there are some screenshots.

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