Undecember Has A First Release Date: The Dark Action Rpg Style Diablo Will Be Free

With the announcement of Undeember, the development team of Needs Games and the publisher LINE Games raised the curtain on an interesting RPG action in dark shades.

Following in Diablo’s footsteps, Undemember aims to offer players a dark adventure, which puts humans in front of insidious gods. With the inauspicious awakening of the thirteenth divinity, known as Serpens, the world of Traum is destined for destruction. To preserve its existence, the Rune Hunters will have to do all in their power to bring down the new goddess: all this, however, could also cause the disappearance of any other deity.

The interesting South Korean production has recently returned to show the public, bringing with it the announcement of a first release date. UnDecember will in fact land in South Korea on January 13, 2022. In a short time, the Action RPG will then be the protagonist of a second international debut, which should take place during the first months of the new year.

The world of Undemember, we remember, is expected on PCs and mobile devices, both Android and iOS. For the hack ‘n’ slash, the development team chose a free distribution, through a free to play approach. Players who wish to buy a dedicated Battle Pass, which guarantees access to different in-game, aesthetic and non-aesthetic objects. Finally, we remind you that UnDecember will support the multiplayer, with cross-play enabled between PC and Android devices and iOS.

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