Uncharted: The New Poster Of The Film Hides A Reference To The Fourth Chapter

Although he has a young Nathan star, the Uncharted film with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will include numerous references to video games from the series edited by Naughty Dog.

In the first trailer of Uncharted’s movie, for example, we were able to admire the remaking of the iconic scene of Drake’s Deception’s cargo plane, as well as Chloe Frazer, a character that video games The main antagonist, for his part, seems to be inspired by the villain of Drakes’ Fortune, while the reference to Nathan’s brother, the scene with Tom Holland on board a boat in the middle of the ocean and the hidden pirate ships

The connections with the fourth chapter of the series, which will soon be back on PlayStation 5 and PC in the new Uncharted Collection The Thief’s Inheritance, are also evident in the new poster of the uncharted movie, fresh Behind Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Victor Sullivan stand two ruined pirate ships, bringing back to mind the final setting of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. We look forward to discovering all the connections with the various chapters of the videogaming series, meanwhile – waiting for the release of the film scheduled for February 18 – enjoy the new poster of the film at the bottom of this news.

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