Uncharted: Set Lego With Nate, Sully And Elena Coming Along According To A Leak

In addition to the set Lego dedicated to the Horizon Zero Dawn Collungo, it seems that the Uncharted series could soon receive its own personal set of bricks, according to the falconbrickstudi leader

The set Lego would be inspired in particular by Uncharted 4: End of a Thief, and would see as great protagonists Nate, Sully and Elena, three of the most iconic protagonists of the series of Naughty Dog here reproduced By putting together the 1,326 bricks included you would build the jeep used by Nathan and a cave full of hidden treasures. According to the leader, the set is expected to arrive in stores on March 1st this year.

This could be a sensible move to be accompanied by the imminent arrival of Uncharted The Thiefs’ Inheritance, a new collection coming on PlayStation 5 and PC, which will include Uncharted 4 and stand-alone expansion Un However, it is the same author of the leak who is uncertain about the information disseminated, so we invite you to be particularly cautious about it.

We take the opportunity to remind you that Uncharted The Thiefs’ Inheritance will be available from January 28th on PlayStation 5, and will arrive later on Windows PC. The remastered collection curated by Iron Galaxy provides a surcharge upgrade in the transition from PS4 to PS5 versions.

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