Uncharted: Pirate Ships And Treasure Maps In The Second Italian Trailer Of The Film

Sony Pictures’ promotional machine is in full swing and just a few days from Christmas, it gives us the second official trailer of the film Uncharted.

Not only Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Victor Sullivan, the new trailer also brings Sophia Ali’s Chloe Frazer back to the screen and explores the character played by Antonio Banderas, Everyone seems to have a common goal: a treasure worth 5 billion dollars. The fans of the videogaming series will not struggle to trace all the tributes to the works of Naughty Dog present in the film of Ruben Fleischer, from the pirate ships of Uncharted 4 to the iconic scene of the plane

Head to the top of the news to admire the second official trailer of Uncharted in Italian, which gives us once again appointment at 17 February 2022 for the release of the film in the cinemas of our entire peninsula. Have you seen the official poster of Uncharted that winks at the End of a Thief?

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