Uncharted: Collection – The Legacy Of Thieves, At The Start The Preorders On Amazon

Uncharted: Collection – The legacy of thieves is now in pre-order on Amazon, including the acclaimed single adventures player of Uncharted 4: End of a thief and Uncharted: Lost Heir, remastered by

Click here to preorder Uncharted: Collection – The legacy of thieves on Amazon at the minimum price guaranteed

The new remastered version fully exploits the hardware features of Sony’s new console and presents itself with graphics and performance in terms of improved framerate, implements the aptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the new Dualsense, the a

The collection is pre-ordered at only 50,99 euros, thanks to the promotion “booking at the minimum guaranteed price” you can pre-order the game immediately and save if the price of the title should fall in price from the day of the pre-order to that

Who already owns Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Heritage, or the Digital Bundle that includes both adventures, can opt for the purchase at only 10 euros of the update nextgen that will be available on

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