Ufl: Unveiled The Day We Will See The Gameplay Of The Rival Of Fifa

A few hours after the announcement of the UFL gameplay presentation, the development team at work on the expected football title updated its official social channels to reveal also the day on which you can watch the revel.

The company’s Twitter profile has in fact published a very short teaser with the aim of confirming what will be the day that fans of the most popular sport in our country will be able to watch live the gameplay of UFL. The date is set exactly one month from today, as the live event will be held on January 27, 2022. Unfortunately, no specific details have been provided on the platforms on which you can attend the presentation or the contents of the reveal, which may be nothing more than a short trailer containing gameplay sequences.

For those who do not know what UFL is, it is a new football game that aims to counter the two giants of the genre, that is FIFA and PES. Among the promises of Strikerz, the development team, we find free distribution (it is a free to play), photorealistic graphics and availability on consoles.

Waiting to find out more details about the title, we remind you that on our pages you will find the first images of UFL showing the face of one of the players.

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