Ufl: Lukaku Is The Protagonist Of The New Teaser Of The Football Game

Just yesterday we revealed all the details about the event dedicated to the reveal of the gameplay of UFL, the highly anticipated football game that aims to undo FIFA over the next few months. A few hours after the announcement, here comes a teaser dedicated to one of the UFL Ambassador on official social channels.

The short film we’re talking about confirms that Romelu Lukaku, the famous Belgian striker who currently has a contract with Chelsea Football Club, will be one of the main faces of the football title by Strikerz Inc. In addition to revealing the identity of the new Ambassador, the teaser also allows us to observe for a few moments a sequence in engine with the multi-gone model of the footballer.

Before leaving you to the teaser trailer dedicated to the announcement, we remind you that it has been officially confirmed that on January 27, 2022 there will be a live event during which you can attend for the first time ever the gameplay of the game. At the moment we don’t know if the demonstration will be live or if the gameplay shown will be part of a trailer.

Did you know that the new UFL is aiming at photorealism?

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