Ubisoft Quartz: The Program With Nft Expansions Is Born, Starting From Ghost Recon Breakpoint

With a move to shake the digital entertainment industry, Ubisoft officially announces Quartz, a program that includes the resale of additional content based on the emerging blockchain and NFT technology.

The beta testing phase organized by the French video gaming giant is now taking place in the United States and Canada, Tuesday, December 7. With Ubisoft Quartz, the transalpine company will sell unique NFT add-on packages for Ubisoft video games that feature an internal micro-transaction store.

The game chosen to inaugurate this new system based on cryptocurrencies and blockchains is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the open-world shooter launched in October 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Go

The presentation video of Ubisoft Quartz reminds future buyers of GR Breakpoint DLCs based on blockchains that, once obtained, can be sold in turn to other players using the microtransaction system of the title. The approach adopted by Ubisoft, from this point of view, does not seem to be too different from that used in The Sandbox and other NFT based video games.

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