Ubisoft Quartz Is Here To Stay: ‘Nfts Are A Change That Will Take Time’

After explaining to its employees that Ubisoft Quartz is only the beginning, the French gaming giant publicly manifests its intention to continue the path taken with the NFTs with the words spoken by Didier Genevois, Technical Director of Division B

In an interview with Decrypt.com, the exponent of the transalpine company defended the Digits/NFT system from the criticism of the community and part of the company’s employees themselves, supporting how “we received many feedback We understand the aversion and conflicting feelings for this kind of technology and we will keep them in mind at every stage of the development process.”

In recalling Ubisoft’s intention to continue the development and integration of blockchain technologies in the company’s video games, Genevois clarifies that “this experiment is intended to understand how the decentralization of unique content can be welcomed and embraced We know that this is an important change and it will take time to understand, but we will remain true to our three principles based on building a safe gaming environment, exploiting only energy-efficient blockchain proof-of-stake and focusing on value proposals

However, the enthusiasm of Ubisoft’s blockchain division manager is countered by the doubts and concerns expressed by both the members of the French company, and this to silence the French union’s considerations on the possible damage of Ubisoft Quartz in the matter of environmental

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