Ubisoft Quartz In The Sights Of A French Union: ‘Useless And Harmful Technology’

The announcement of the Ubisoft Quartz program did not go in the best way. In addition to the highly negative reaction of players, in fact, even Ubisoft employees do not like Quartz, with some of them asking for the real utility of including NFT and blockchain within their games.

Perplexity also fueled by controversy for a free NFT of Ubisoft Quartz, which requires to play for 600 hours at Ghost Recon Breakpoint (at the moment only game to support the controversial service) to be obtained. The situation is so complex that even a French union, Solidaries Informique Jeu Video, has a strongly negative view of Ubisoft’s latest move. For the union, in fact, the technology at Quartz’s base would not only be useless and expensive, but also harmful to the environment.

“By putting the technical aspects aside, this so-called innovative technology turns out to be a mere certificate of ownership with an abstract monetary value associated with which the value fluctuates in an external market,” reads the Communiqué of Solidaries Informique, This is the promise assured and not said of the NFTs.”

For the union, moreover, Ubisoft would not have fully understood the functions of this technology: “Many of the restrictions of use, the company declares that it wants to limit the marketing of the NFTs, forgetting that the very nature of the NFTs prevents such limitations And again: “As it is set, this technology becomes a simple trading between players, an aspect that has existed in the market for years. The novelty of blockchains is to do the same, but exploiting the environment inefficiently.”

Solidaries Informique concludes by asking Ubisoft’s management to stop the development of this technology. How will the French giant decide to move?

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