Ubisoft+ On Ps4 And Ps5? No Plan To Bring The Service To Sony Console

The announcement of the next Ubisoft+ arrival on Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus confirmed some of the rumors that emerged over the last year and that aimed at an approach between the French and Redmond giant.

The debut of the subscription service within the green cross-system, however, will not go as far as inclusion of Ubisoft+ in the Xbox Game Pass proposal. Unlike with Electronic Arts services, Ubisoft Plus’s proposal will not find space on Xbox Game Pass. A circumstance that has already been clarified, with the publication of an official statement on this by Ubisoft itself.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the relationship between Microsoft and the Oltralp company is particularly close at this time. To prove this, we find the announcement of Rainbow Six’s debut: Extractions on Xbox Game Pass on Day One, with the possibility for subscribers to access the shooter at no extra cost.

In the face of these developments, it seems natural to ask what Ubisoft’s attitude towards Sony will be. For the moment, on this front, the only official communication came from a spokesman for the French company. Queryed about a possible launch of Ubisoft+ on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the latter has limited itself to a “for the time being, we have no news to report about a launch on other platforms”. It goes without saying that, on PlayStation Store, the only way to have access to Rainbox Siw: Extractions will be to buy the game at full price.

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