Ubisoft Is A ‘Cut Artery’: Great Exodus Of Developers, According To A Report

A short distance from the announcement of Virginie Hass’ farewell to Ubisoft, a report on the internal situation of the French gaming giant emerges from Axis’ pages.

According to the editorial staff of the portal, who claims to have received information from the company’s staff, many talents have recently decided to leave Ubisoft. A process of worrying proportions, which employees would have baptized with unconfident expressions, such as “cut artery” and “great exodus.”

In particular, the phenomenon would be involving talents at the top of the creative sector of the company, with Axis referring to five of the main makers of Far Cry 6 who would have already left Ubisoft. Additional 13 top-level professionals would be preparing to leave the French company, after contributing to the development of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. At the same time, a professional escape would also involve Ubisoft Canada teams, who would lose about 60 talents over the last six months. This circumstance, Axis continues, would be slowing down the development of some of the Ubisoft games currently in the pipeline, to the point that the remaining staff would have to contact former colleagues to solve some problems.

The reasons for this “exodus” would be found in many factors. Among the latter, the portal – which claims to have had talks with dozens of Ubisoft employees – cites low salaries, disappointment with the company’s creative policy and, finally, a failure to resolve cases of internal abuse in Ubisoft emerged in the last year. In addition, other companies would be addressing attractive job offers to Ubisoft employees, especially in the Montréal area.

Asked about by Axis, the Ubisoft management has recognised a higher rate of loss of personnel than usual, but judged however as widely within the norm. At the same time, Ubisoft has highlighted, are approximately 2,600 new recruits from April 2021.

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