Ubisoft-Gameloft: An Ex Claims To Have Been Threatened With Death And Sexual Violence

Oana Florea, a former Ubisoft employee, has made heavy accusations against Catalin Batan, Gameloft’s current Building Operations Administrator.

The woman decided today to tell her story on Twitter, where she is known as Kandly (@the_only_oana). Without a twist, he began his speech by writing: “A Gameloft boss once threatened to rape me and kill me in front of the Ubisoft and Gameloft joint building.” Oana Florea, currently engaged with Nacon as a Community Manager, worked in Ubisoft from May 2013 to February 2016, first as Quality Assurance Tester and then as Localization Specialist, so her story goes back to that

According to his testimony, the facts would have been like this: “The str**** came out of the building at the end of the day. He saw some stray dogs, picked stones from the ground and started to throw them at him.”

I said, “Sorry, why did you do that? What did dogs do to you here?

Do you know who you’re talking to?

I don’t care who I’m talking to. I’m just asking you why you threw those stones at him.

Oh, you’re an Ubisoft put-a-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking-f Be careful when you go home, because you could be raped and killed one of these days.”

Florea explained that she was incredibly traumatized after that conversation, to the point that a few months later she decided to leave Ubisoft. “I couldn’t bear to see him around the building after what he said. They told him not to look at me or talk to me at work. Ubisoft’s official response to this whole situation was: ‘Don’t worry, can bark doesn’t bite’.

The woman decided to tell her story following the recent events involving Activision: “Bobby Kotick is not an isolated case. In the upper floors, most of them cover each other. Leadership in gaming is sick. MISSED in the true sense of the word.”

The accusations made to Catalin Batan, who has been working for Gameloft for 15 years, are certainly very heavy, so this story could have a follow-up.

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