Ubisoft Expands: A New Studio Opened In Sherbrooke

During the evening, Ubisoft’s official social channels updated with news of the opening of a new development studio that will allow the French company to expand further.

According to the report on social media, a new study has just been opened in Sherbrook, Canada. It is the second Canadian team of the company, which as you know already has an operating base in Québec (Sherbrook is, among other things, a small country south of Québec). Unfortunately, the announcement of the new study was not accompanied by any kind of detail on what will be the projects of the team, so it is unclear whether Ubisoft Sherbrook will be involved in creating new products, new episodes of known intellectual property or will just give

In the meantime, we remind you that just a few days ago Ubisoft’s employees launched a new petition to end alleged domestic abuse. Speaking of internal problems, did you know that Far Cry’s creative director left Ubisoft and left the first details on the seventh chapter of the series?

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