Ubisoft Entertainment Center Opens In 2025, Will Also Have A Theme Park

Ubisoft announced that it would open its official entertainment centre by 2025. This is a huge and ambitious project, which will later also include a large-scale theme park in which all the major franchises and iconic figures that have made the history of the Oltralpe company will be enclosed.

As revealed in a press release, the company claims that it will open its first Ubisoft Entertainment Center at Studios Occitanie Méditerranée in 2025. The centre will be located about 40 minutes drive from the city of Montpellier and will include a professional film studio, multiple entertainment offers as well as retail, restaurants and hospitality of various kinds.

“Studios Occitanie is excited to become the first location for Ubisoft’s innovative Entertainment Center concept,” said Bruno Granja, founder of Studios Occitanie. “The video game has grown to become the greatest form of entertainment. It makes sense to collaborate with the main French game editor to create a new kind of immersive experience that celebrates gaming culture.”

To build its project, Ubisoft will also work with the Storyland Studios design and production company, and will use Alterface’s Wander technology: “Thanks to Wander technology, we are creating unlimited opportunities for the

So the expansion and branching of Ubisoft’s interests within the gaming industry and entertainment in general continues. The French company recently opened a new studio in Sherbrook, Canada.

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