Ubisoft: Employees Launch A New Petition To End Internal Abuse

A new chapter of controversial events involving Ubisoft has been opening up for over a year in terms of misconduct, harassment and abuse within the company.

Although the French giant’s executives had assured their employees that they would take the situation seriously, many Ubisoft employees were furious at the lack of internal communication and the general silence on how the cases of inappropriate attitudes reported to the high levels of the The response deemed inadequate by the employees has prompted the internal organisation ABetterUbisoft, composed of several members of the company, to act again to make sure that the situation changes permanently.

“One hundred days ago we signed our open letter to the executives and set four key requests. None of them have been respected,” the movement representatives Twitter announcing “a new petition that can sign any of our supporters.” The petition’s basic requests remain the same:

Stop promoting or moving study of known guilty persons without repercussions

Chapter on how Ubisoft as a company must act in the future

Collaborations with other companies to develop guidelines on how to manage future abuse

These partnerships must involve trade union representatives and employees who do not have managerial roles.

A recent survey has decreed that Ubisoft is the most hated video gaming company on Twitter, and the story is still far from finding its ultimate quiet: we will see if the new petition of ABetterUbisoft members will have desired effects.

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