Ubisoft Announces The Vr Experience In Which The Notre-Dame Fire Is Extinguished

More than two years after the creation of a VR tour of the Notre-Dame Cathedral to allow users to observe the building before the fire that destroyed it in April 2019, Ubisoft decided to make an agreement

The French company has officially announced the partnership with Pathé to develop a game based on ‘Notre-Dame on Fire’ by Jean-Jacques Annaud, a dramatic short in IMAX for the next release. The experience, which should have a total duration of one hour, will put the players in the role of a French fireman intent on turning off the fire during the night of April 15, 2019.

Here are some of the words of Deborah Papiernik, Ubisoft senior VP, who better describe this new project:

“Like any escape game, it’s a series of puzzles that require collaboration with other players. The idea is to make sure that you make your way through the cathedral with the aim of finding relics and putting out the fire, because Notre Dame must be saved before the time available is exhausted.”

The game should be released near the launch of the short, which will arrive next March. Please note that this is not the first Ubisoft experience of this type and some time ago we talked to you about the announcement of Prince of Persia The Dagger of Time.

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