Twitch: Pokimane Hurles Against Ninja, Threats Of Legal Proceedings Come

Clash of distinguished personalities of videoplay: Imane “Pokimane” Anys has hurled herself against Tyler “Ninja” Blevins accusing him of having taken part in the hate raid launched against her by the streamer Ji

On that date Pokimane was forced to close his stream prematurely because of the continuous message of hatred and spam received during the live: the event led to Jidion’s temporary ban by Twitch, which became final last 17 Ninja would get in the way of trying to avoid the definitive stop to the Twitch channel of the “connect,” defining “pu***ne” Pokimane and the other streamers in messages addressed to their users.

The streamer did not even like such words, adding that she was strongly perplexed by Ninja’s defense of Jidion: “Why should Ninja support someone who harassed me? I don’t know and I don’t know what to say.” But not only: “I wonder if Ninja would have used the word “pu [bleep]n’ if he was hit by the raid as an important male streamer,” says Anys.

The situation got hot when Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife, intervened in the diatribe, revealing how the couple is thinking of going through the legal channels: “We are considering defamation all this, you are spreading lies to dozens

Waiting to find out if this diatribe will really end up in a court or not, in recent days Pokimane has hurled against sexism to discredit the streamers, saying that it is time to end it. Meanwhile Amouranth has been raging against the haters in a rap video, hurling at those who insult and criticize her despite continuing to follow her without stopping.

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