Twisted Metal: Isn’t The Ps5 Reboot In The Hands Of The Allstars Destruction Team Anymore?

At the end of September, the Video Games Chronicle editorial staff heard about a reboot of Twisted Metal in work at Lucid Games, a Liverpool studio known for giving allStars destruction prints to

The news was received with some interest, both because Needles Kane has been far from the scenes for too long, and because the British developers have accumulated a good dose of experience in the realization of games with fights between cars. However, it seems that several changes have changed in recent months, at least according to a new rumor put in circulation by VGC.

According to our colleagues, Sony would have decided to take Lucid Games away from the task of rebooting Twisted Metal. The task of developing it would be entrusted to an internal PlayStation home studio located in Europe. Anonymous sources did not provide explanations about the developer change, but one of them suggested that the warm welcome reserved for Destruction AllStars might have contributed to Sony’s decision. The title, in fact, received unenthusiastic votes (on Metacritic the average is 62), and despite being launched on the PlayStation Plus, it has always struggled to attract players to itself. The low population even led developers to introduce AI-controlled opponents.

Contacted by VGC for clarification, Lucid Games and Sony have not yet provided an answer. The reboot of Twisted Metal, remember, has never been officially confirmed, but according to the rumors of the corridor the goal would be to launch it along with the TV series of Twisted Metal with Anthony Mackie currently sends development.

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