Twisted Metal For Ps5: Is Firesprite Developing The New Game Instead Of Lucid Games?

As reported by VGC, the authors of Destruction AllStars are no longer working on Twisted Metal for PS5, apparently Sony Interactive Entertainment would have relieved Lucid Games from the assignment for a few months to entrust the works

The source does not indicate what the study is concerned with, but Push Square seems to have received certain information about it and according to the Twisted Metal for PlayStation 5, it would now be developing in the studies of Firesprite, a company acquired by Sony

The parties involved have not confirmed anything at the moment but Push Square reiterates the reliability of the sources and the same did VGC, with the latter magazine that is however able to confirm the passage of deliveries between Lucid and Firesprite. Apparently, the warm welcome given to Destruction AllStars would have convinced Sony to lift Lucid Games from office and entrust the project to an internal study based in Europe, both Lucid Games and Firesprite are both based in

At the moment there are no certainties but the existence of a new game has been confirmed by several sources in the past and the game could make its debut at the same time as the TV series Twisted Metal.

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