Troy Baker: Joel’s Voice In The Last Of Us Supports Nfts

The discussions around NFT, blockchain and metaverse are increasingly animated by the current video game scene, creating many debates between those who support them and those who do not like this turn of industry. And more and more companies and leading characters express their ideas.

After seeing Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda promote NFTs in games (but drawing on the criticism of some developers), he is now a well-known voice player for the controversial news. Troy Baker, known mainly for lending his voice to Joel in the two chapters of The Last of Us, reveals that he is a supporter of the NFT and confirms his support for Voceverse NFT, a company specializing in the production of NFT vocal

“I’m working with Voiceverse NFT to explore new ways in which together we can offer new tools to new creators to create something new, giving anyone the chance to own and invest on IPs they’ve designed,” explains the voice player on Twitter, You can either just hate, or you can create. What will you choose?”

The message was widely criticized by several of his followers, among those who did not expect this move from Baker, and those who accuse him of ignoring the wide negative reactions of fans on the subject. However, it remains to be seen how the situation will evolve in the near future: analysts expect in fact a peak and decrease of the NFT in video games during 2022, and there is therefore the curiosity to find out what the next moves of the most important giants

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