Triangle Strategy: From Gamelife You Can Book Tactician’s Limited Edition

Triangle Strategy is released in March on Nintendo Switch, the game preorders are already open by Gamelife and in addition to the standard edition at reduced price you can preorder the special collection edition called Tactician’s

Triangle Strategy is pre-ordered at 55 euros instead of 61 euros, from Gamelife is also available the Tactician’s Limited Edition at the price of 120 euros, but what does this limited edition version include? In addition to the cartridge game inside the box we find the metal Strelbook case, a set of six dice, a deck of cards and a double face poster, all enclosed in a special cardboard box that takes back the design of the diary of

This is the official synopsis of the new Square Enix game: “Immerse yourself in a wonderful world made of HD-2D and find out where your sense of justice will lead you! Use battlefields to your advantage to ensure victory!”

Created by the Octopath Traveler team, Triangle Strategy is one of the most anticipated games by Nintendo Switch owners, a retro-style strategy game that has all the cards in order to win the

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