Top 20 Best Multiplayer Horror Games

When the best horror games are discussed, players debate the possibilities. This guide will help you put an end to these debates by showing you 20 of the best games. A lot of factors have been kept in mind. There are 20 horror games you can play with your friends.


The best horror games to play with friends.

The genre of horror games makes one feel scared and excited. Adding friends to a lobby takes away some of the fear, but we don’t think that’s a good thing. A list of the best games in the genre is what we want to give you.

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight was a game that took a surge in popularity thanks to streamers. The game has grown with respect to the characters. These aren’t just characters in the game, they’re icons. Dead By Daylight is a game that makes you think. If you and your friends are a part of the squad from the TV show, this is for you.


Shortly after its launch, phesmophobia became very popular. The traditional kill the evil spirits/monsters/demons game isn’t on the list. It requires coordination and swift action. You have to work with 3 other friends to gather as much evidence as possible. You use the gadgets and tools at your disposal. You can earn in-game currency to upgrade your arsenal and explore more challenging locations. The one thing that we liked about this game is that no matter what you do, your opponent is unbeatable. All you need is evidence.


Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is what you need if you want to massacring grotesque creatures. You can use a variety of weapons in the game. You will be torn apart limb-to- limb. The game is more demanding because of the wave’s progression. We recommend the absolute destruction of zeds that this game offers.

Unfortunate Spacemen

One of the best ways to describe the game is to imagine Among Us and evolve it over time. A group of astronauts are trying to fix an outpost while avoiding an alien-like creature. The game can make you paranoid as you play, as it can get extremely nerve-wracking. You can upgrade your weapon to kill the alien monster. You can use your guns to kill the spacemen if you are the monster. We said that we evolved by 10 years.


No More Room in Hell

The game is a fun zombie shooter and the graphics don’t have much going for them. There are a few issues that stack up against the game like the server time and the graphics. The game was originally a mod. The game is enjoyable and fun to play. The game is free. If your friends are into old-school themed games, this would work well.


The outlay of Among Us is similar to the one of Deceit. The game is very similar to Unfortunate Spacemen, however, it is set in an even worse location. Deceit is a game in which players are woken up in an asylum basement and have to escape. When the lights go off, a player can use the power to kill someone. The game allows you to kill the infections if they are not in their terraform. You can stun them and get them to fall. The game is fun to play and really scary.

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope

The game proves that you don’t have to have an all-out evil spirit elimination mechanic in-game to make a good horror game. It feels like you are making a decision in the game. You will have a lot of scares with this one. We don’t want to give too much away about the game, it’s something you have to understand You will enjoy playing with your friends. This is one of the best psychological horrors nation creator out there right now, so be sure to try it.

Resident Evil 5

While Resident Evil 5 drew a lot of criticism from the community, the multi-player mode drew praise. The game which was supposed to be a survival horror game slowly became a co-op shooter. Don’t get us wrong, we love the game and enjoy the fact that the enemies aren’t boring zombies but rather people with minds of their own. The franchise has grown a legendary reputation and this game definitely does live up to that.

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan

The series director had to explain that Man of Medan and Until Dawn were completely separate entities. The progression of each character is dependent on the decisions you and your friends make. The game is enjoyable if you are patient. The game shines in the second half. If you want an interactive horror experience with friends, try this.

Dead Space 3

If not for the name, this game would have been mistaken for another Resident Evil game. It gets really intense with scary creatures springing up out of nowhere. Dead Space 3 is one of the goriest horror co-op games out there, with a lot of jumpscares waiting for you and your friends. If there is a horror menace with grotesque fiend parts flying around, you will enjoy this game a lot.

7 Days to Die

Take a look at the game’s title and you will already know all you need to know. The game is about using resources to build a fortress with your friends, using whatever is available to upgrade your arsenal, and then getting together to eliminate the barbaric monstrosities waiting to chew away at your flesh.

Sign Of Silence

The game is very similar to a lot of movies from childhood. It is set in a town filled to the brim with nightmares and frightening creatures that are sure to get you scared. The survival horror co-op is definitely one that will get you crazy.

White Noise 2

White Noise 2 gives players the ability to step into the shoes of investigators as they seek to detect the anomalies and avoid the creature that seeks to devour them. In order to help you, there are utilities available. This is a scary title that will make you and your friends scared.

Cry of Fear

Cry Of Fear was a mod for Half-Life 1. The mod was a stand alone title. It did well on the game. We recommend this one if you like playing low-budget titles with friends.

Friday The 13th

The video game version of Friday the 13th was a huge hit with fans. The game was disappointing due to the unstable server options. The game was well-executed and set in a 7v1 scenario. This game is for fans of Friday the 13th.


This game is perfect. Do you want to shoot ghastly beings? Would you like to knock off some humans? Do you want to have a balance of both? The graphics are topnotch. You will enjoy all the hours you spend on it if you check it out.

The Blackout Club

The Shape has mind control powers and you and your teammates are required to investigate it. You need to avoid the sleepwalkers as you investigate and complete objectives. You need to gather evidence in order to win the game. A few friends are interested in playing this game.

Left 4 Dead 2

There is a reason why Left 4 Dead 2 has such a large following. The updates made the game more unpredictable because the game allowed players to slaughter zombies wave after wave. The community has created mod that enhances the experience. It has a legendary wind about it. You should try this title.


GTFO was a game that blew us away. It’s a more demanding version of Left 4 Dead 2. You and your friends will have to find things and utilities to survive. The in-game noises and voice-overs are realistic and the weaponry and mechanics feel very satisfying. We recommend this game to people who love a good game with a frightening experience.

Dying Light

The game has a lot of in-game content with a wide array of things to do. The open-world horror survival shooter option brings a lot to the table. You craft and coordinate with your teammates to take on zombies and shoot them. The zombie form can be used to destroy everyone. We guarantee that you will have a satisfying horror experience with this title.

You have it. We hope that you liked the games we listed, they are the best in the horror genre. There is an article that lists the best cross- platform games.

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