Tomb Raider On Game Boy Advance: The Dream Of A Modder Becomes Reality With Openlara

In the frame of a scene retrogaming in full ferment, as evidenced by the activities that are involving the untraceable Analogu Pocket that goes to steal, a modder has managed to crown his dream of performing Tomb Rai

Tomb Raider’s porting fan made on Game Boy Advance goes in addition to the list of multiplatform transpositions developed by the XProger modder using the open source version of the source code of the first, iconic In recent months, the modder has been able to adapt the title to the hardware of systems such as 3DO, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Xbox One and smartphone iOS and Android.

As the author of this amateur project specifies, the works on the conversion of OpenLara to Game Boy Advance lasted about a year, a time span that allowed the independent programmer to readapt the open source code of

Despite a framerate affected by the limited 3D processing capabilities of the Game Boy Advance, the reissue fan made of the great classic of Eidos is perfectly working, or at least this is the feeling offered by the video gameplay packaged If you love retrogaming and you have at heart the activities carried out by those who are committed to preserving the memory of the consoles and games of the past, we remind you that in recent days the Pixel Museum in Brussels has opened its doors.

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