Tom Henderson Has A Scoop: Will Ea Bring Back A Very Beloved Series?

Insider Tom Henderson has a scoop scheduled for tomorrow: apparently Electronic Arts would be working on a great return by developing a game related to a series very loved by players in the past. What is this about?

At the moment there are no other details about it and so we can only mention some of the most loved EA series but that have been missing from the screens for a long time: let’s think about SimCity, Popular, Road Rush, Burnout, Mercen

Excluding the previously announced Dead Space and Skate 4, the list remains long and it is difficult to figure out what the game could be in question. Medal of Honor Above and Beyond was released last December on VR platforms and it would not be fair to talk about a series that was set aside (although the times of commercial success are far away), Syndicate had a reboot of little

The last hypothesis is that of Need for Speed, currently paused after the warm welcome reserved for Need for Speed Heat and NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered. We’ll know more in the next few hours.

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