Tlou 2: Standalone Multiplayer With Microtransactions? A Job Announcement Suggests It

The much-noised multiplayer of The Last of Us Part 2 could come as standalone multiplayer game distributed free to play with support for microtransactions, as happened in the case of the multiplayer segment of Halo Infinite, for

DeXerto has discovered a recent job announcement on the Naughty Dog website, the company is looking for a Senior Monetization/Economic Designer, that is, an expert in monetization systems and that can create an economy

The candidate “will help Naughty Dog in his new adventure, give life to the first standalone multiplayer game of the studio” words that confirm therefore the existence of a standalone multiplayer project and not integrated in a single player experience

This situation would seem to confirm the possibility that the multiplayer of The Last of Us Part 2 will be published as a separate title and not as an additional game mode, it is also true that The Last of Us Part 2 may not be connected to this project in any way and Na So can we expect a new multiplayer IP free to play? It is early to say, the hypotheses are many, the certainties unfortunately very few.

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