The Wolf Among Us 2, Telltale Ensures: Many New Things At The Beginning 2022

It seems we will be hearing about The Wolf Among Us Season 2. The follow-up to one of the most popular series of Telltale Games was announced in 2017, but since then the information has been very limited, also due to the closure and subsequent rebirth of the study specialized in narrative adventures.

Already shortly after the conclusion of the The Game Awards 2021 Telltale had promised news on The Wolf Among Us 2, now with an update of end 2021 on its Twitter profile the company confirms that new information on the next events of Bigby Wolf will arrive at the beginning It has not been specified what kind of updates will be provided, but it is not at this point to exclude trailers, images or details about the content of the game.

“We’re so excited about what’s coming next! We have announced a partnership with Deck Nine Games for the development of The Expanse and we will have more details about our games to share on the next issue of Game Informer. Wait until next year, where we will reveal more details about The Wolf Among Us 2,” says a passage from Telltale’s post that will undoubtedly please Bigby’s fans.

Waiting to see in action The Wolf Among Us 2, we also remember that Dramatic Labs, a studio composed of former members of Telltale Games, announced Star Trek Resurgence at TGA 2021, with an output set for spring 2022.

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