The Witcher: Winter Ciri In This Magnificent Cosplay Of The Russian Mira Ladovira

CD Projekt Red is currently struggling with Cyberpunk 2077, the problematic video game that last year was at the center of controversy and controversy. The work on that project is not yet concluded between fix and patch, but the study has not forgotten to publish the update next gen of The Witcher 3.

Wild Hunt is undoubtedly the video game masterpiece that led to the Olympus CD Projekt Red, allowing the study to evolve and launch on other projects of great scope, such as the aforementioned Cyberpunk 2077. The characters of The Witcher 3 are still fresh in the minds of the audience, with many who play it again even after years, not to mention who wants to do it in next gen version on the new consoles of Sony and Microsoft.

The long saga of Geralt di Rivia, less than a The Witcher 4 with him, could have ended in the video game, waiting for the serial part to develop with Netflix’s product. The strigo met many characters, one of whom could even take his place. In fact, it is often spoken of as the protagonist of a possible The Witcher 4, having grown up and able to fight.

The audience who loves Ciri is quite large and for this reason the Russian cosplayer Mira Ladovira has dressed several times in clothes. This time, however, he dedicated himself to a winter version of Ciri in this cosplay where he took advantage of the cold and the Russian snow. What do you think of this version of Geralt’s student?

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