The Witcher, What Is The Wild Hunt? We Analyze Video Games, Books And Netflix Tv Series

The Witcher saga is rich in fascinating themes, stories and entities, but few can compete with the Wild Hunt, one of the most famous folkloric elements in the land of the Continent. Screenplayer Lauren S. Hissrich also knows that, and she introduced her myth in the second season of The Witcher on Netflix.

The new season of the series starring Henry Cavill has built a great halo of suspense and mystery around the Wild Hunt, a funeral force that will play a fundamental role in future episodes. Readers of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and the video gamers of The Witcher: Wild Hunt, in any case, have already learned about it.

What is Wild Hunt? The common people describe it as a group of armed ghosts galloping through the heavens fortifying misfortune, death and war. Its members are endowed with skeletal armor that, besides concealing their identity, terrify all the unfortunate who are on their way. It is not possible to describe it completely in a single news, so we invite you to watch the Special Video in the opening to join us on an exciting journey to discover the Wild Hunt riding between video games, books and TV series.

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