The Witcher: The Cosplay Of Ciri By Jessica Nigri Will Take You Hunting

The long adventures of Geralt di Rivia have brought him to various places. The Continent is vast and rich in people, each with its own ambitions, its own character and its own fate. Geralt met many of them, some of whom have become inseparable travel companions in the world of The Witcher.

Geralt and Cyri were bound together before the latter was born because of the Law of Surprise. The Princess of Cintra will play a fundamental role in the saga of The Witcher, showing herself first as a child and then as an adult, following in the footsteps of the strigo. This was his destiny, among other things, since the covenant that bound Geralt to Cyrus’ parents saw the latter yielding to the strigo the firstborn to make him a monster killer.

The success of the character is not derived from the stories of Andrzej Sapkwoski, where you can see it several times, but from the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt where it already appears as an adult, a woman with white hair with some show The American cosplayer Jessica Nigri proposed this version of Ciri in this cosplay where replica armament, clothes and makeup.

Mira Ladovira also played the character but in a more winter Ciri cosplay.

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