The Witcher: A Cosplay Of Triss Merigold Capable Of Witching

Although there are several female characters in the saga of The Witcher, the adventure focuses on a few of them. At the side of Geralt di Rivia, the strigo of which we live many adventures, there are three women in particular. One of these is Maribor’s Triss Merigold, a flaming witch who can enchant Geralt’s heart and beyond.

Triss Merigold’s story goes from the first The Witcher to the last, with its share of apparitions also in Netflix’s live action. The character does not just appear on screen since, now, between fairs around the world and photographic sets, there are countless cosplays of Triss Merigold created by fans and models.

To this long list is added Rhenawedd, in art Insane Sis, who shows in his photo a Triss Merigold with the long green dress inlaid and golden, very revealing and that enhances the beauty of the magician The red hair is very finely decorated and the tiara on the forehead, but also the golden belt with a stone in the middle. In short, a cosplay The Witcher theme where a lot of attention was paid to details.

His rival in love also managed to come to life with this cosplay of Yennefer by Oichi-chan.

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