The Witcher: A Cosplay By Triss Merigold Enchants With Its Italian Elegance

The continent of The Witcher is vast and there are many missions that can be faced by video players during the various games of the saga developed by CD Projekt Red. This means that the Strigo Geralt of Rivia also meets many different and varied characters. However, few will be remembered by the players.

In addition to the main character who will be played in the three attached video games of the saga and DLC, another prominent figure in the series is Triss Merigold. The woman from Maribor is one of the most important figures in the series: a magician of great talent, a love interest for the protagonist, unique skills and much more. During the series will change slightly, especially in the clothing industry, but the Triss Merigold of The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly the most iconic and famous, with both possible clothes.

The Italian cosplayer Lululottie took advantage of the noble rooms of Palazzo Tucci in Lucca to prepare her cosplay of Triss Merigold with an elegance that distinguishes her, helped also by the chosen background. Will you be able to compete with Yennefer’s cosplays to win Geralt’s heart? Don’t miss the cosplay of Ciri, Geralt’s goddfather, made by the famous Jessica Nigri.

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