The Santa Claus Of Video Games: A Man Repairs Old Consoles And Gives Them To The Needy

At Christmas we are all better, especially Jasen Kerr, a Canadian resident in the Alberta State who has made available his gifts for the most needy families.

Four years ago, Jasen Kerr was a single Edmonton father with cancer on the verge of recovery and the bank account almost drained. However, he bought games for PlayStation 3 for his son for Christmas. Unfortunately, he wanted the consul to break irreparably on Eve Day. In an effort to make his child happy at all costs, he sent a request for help on social media and the next day had already received four consoles and over a hundred games. One kept it for himself, while the other three gave it to the neediest.

That year gave life to his non-profit organization Jay’s charity for families in need. Since then, Jasen has collected consoles, video games and old computers, and then repaired them (if necessary) and donated them to the neediest. Speaking to CNC microphones, he said that in the second year of his non-profit organization he managed to give 11 consoles, while in the third he reached 14. This year, he already donated 30 consoles. “It was amazing to receive so many answers to the donation requests I put on the internet. And this year I’m surprised at the number of people who contacted us. […] Having received help at some point in my life, I know very well how it feels to make their children happy. What matters is the smile on the face of some children when they can finally open a box and see what they have received… it’s not bad at all”. A real Santa Claus video game!

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