The Sandbox, The Nft Universe Continues To Grow: Dj Steve Aoki Enters The Metaverse

The Sandbox developers celebrate the entry of DJ Steve Aoki into the NFT Metaverse of the latest blockchain-based experience that, thanks to the explosion of the cryptocurrency SAND, transformed the project conceived by

Starting today, Thursday, December 16, explorers of the virtual multiverse of The Sandbox can buy land next to the Aoki’s Playhouse, an interactive dimension managed directly by the famous DJ.

The operation, which is designed by the musician, follows the one linked to the entrance of Snoop Dogg in The Sandbox and consists in the publication of NFT and artistic tokens between exclusive tracks and rare objects with which to embellish their own plot.

With its 8.2 million social followers, Steve Aoki is already embracing the new blockchain distribution philosophy through a series of activities linked, of course, to his artistic production. Near the Aoki’s Playhouse, curiously, a land has arisen occupied by Supducks, a project that focuses around selling through cryptocurrency SAND a collection that counts as many as 10,000 ducks.

The lots opened close to the virtual dimension managed by Steve Aoki are already auctioning on OpenSea, with offers ranging from 11,000 to 80,000 dollars based on the size and “strategic position” of the land. To stay on the subject, did you know that Steve Aoki is selling his rare Pokemon Card collection?

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