The Sandbox Sand: How Does The Cryptocurrency Of The Metaverse Work?

The Sandbox is one of the most promising and interesting metaverses in development that will be officially launched during 2022. At the heart of the PIXOWL project is an economic system based on SAND, a particular cryptocurrency created specifically for the game: but what exactly is SAND and how does it work?

In our special on the metaverse of The Sandbox, we discussed the metaverse in voxel format and how this particular virtual world is structured. Divided into LAND, ASSET and GAME, The Sandbox allows the acquisition and sale of these elements through the SAND, which represents in all respects the money of the game.

How is SAND obtained?

The fastest way to increase your SAND quantity is simply to buy it through real currency, through one of the exchange portals such as Crypto or Binance. However, the platform allows you to get some credit even by playing particular challenges within the multiverse or collaborating through feedback or moderation of various social channels. Each transition includes a 5% fee, divided by half into the Staking Pool (a fund to compensate for stake interests) and the other part to the Foundation, i.e. the creators of the game.

What do you buy with SAND?

Currency is useful to purchase any kind of product from the marketplace. These are objects, works of art, LAND (virtual plot of land), equipment and much more. They are all NFTs (Non Fungible Token) created and sold as unique objects, so they are not playable and’signed’. Among them you can also find world brands and artists such as Adidas and Snoop Dogg, or names such as Atari and The Walking Dead. You can also spend SAND to buy virtual tickets for concerts or indoor games programmed by the community itself. The same applies if you intend to earn money by selling, renting or using a particular item.

If you want to know more about this particular metaverse in voxel, here is our test of The Sandbox.

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