The Sandbox Is An Unstoppable Metaverse: Adidas Will Also Have Its ‘Virtual World’

After the entry of The Walking Dead in The Sandbox, The Sandbox’s Interactive Metaverse continues to expand looking towards Adidas: the giant sportswear will soon have its “virtual world” inside the

The new virtual lot on which Adidas’ microcosm will be built inside The Sandbox will not be a simple “exhibition space,” but a real “AdiVerso” to explore and immerse yourself in to live experiences always

Adidas’ virtual space will therefore enrich the already huge multidimensional puzzle of The Sandbox, an ever changing ecosystem that exploits blockchains to guarantee content creators the true property of their digital works through NFT and prizes in Cre

The only “limitation” of this project is also its strong point, that is the proprietary VoxEdit engine that facilitates the realization in voxel art of levels, mini games, virtual exhibitions and anything else can serve the individual creators of

If you are curious about the formula between the world builders and the NFTs adopted by Pixowl, you can read our special signed by Francesco Saintin to get into the universe of The Sandbox with infinite potentials

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