The Sandbox Doesn’t Stop Expanding: The Metaverse Is About To Enter Alpha

After celebrating the partnership between The Sandbox and Adidas, the developers of the world builder are about to launch the Alpha phase of their now famous NFT-based Metaverse that already boasts an incredibly high number of a

With the opening of The Sandbox Alpha, the first play-to-earn event of this “open world” experience will begin, born from the imagination of the enthusiasts. Who will equip themselves with the Alpha Pass following the indications provided by the developers on the official website of their world builder will explore 18 other microcosms and take advantage of the blockchain architecture of the title to earn up to 1,000 SANDs and get three exclusive prizes

The Alpha phase participants will still have access to three ingame experiences and The Sandbox’s social hub, but without the opportunity to earn play-to-earn prizes such as cryptocurrencies SAND and NFT tokens. It will be possible to use the VoxEdit graphics engine to develop in voxel art its digital space, thus giving shape to levels, mini games, artworks, virtual exhibitions or real self-managed shops with objects to be sold to other explorers

As explained by the authors of The Sandbox, the Alpha will officially start on 29 November and will end on 20 December: since the Alpha’s departure, the Hub social will offer access to numerous interconnected digital worlds, with a daily rotation of If you are curious about the NFT formula chosen by the developers of this blockchain-based sandbox, we recommend you read our special on The Sandbox and its Metaverse with endless potentials.

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