The Pocket Analogue Goes To Steal: Scalps Sell It To Over 1,400 Euros!

Taking advantage of the opening of the analogue Pocket preorders, several scalpers have managed to secure the jewelry for retrogamer and are already crowding the bulletin boards of digital markets to sell the portable console at crazy prices.

Thanks to the enthusiastic analyses of the sector press with the first previews of Analogugue Pocket, the interest of fans for this new pocket console is pushing more and more users to turn to the bagarini to ensure one of the very first models that

Just take a tour of the market and the most frequented auction portals to come across the sponsored ads of those who, becrarating on fan passion, are trying to sell their preorder of Analo In addition to the inevitable auctions, ecommerce portals specializing in retailing among privates host adverts of bagarini that require up to 1,400 euros in order to be able to deprive of their requested “day one model” of Analogugue Pocke

Waiting to find out how the situation will evolve, we remind you that Analogugue Pocket is a portable multiplatform console without emulation systems but equipped with a slot for cartridges that allows you to replay the classics of the Game Bo It is no coincidence that the community, referring to the new gem of Analogu, describes it as the “final portable retroconsole,” especially because of the presence of adapters for the cartridges of Atari Lynx, SEGA Game Gear and Neo

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