The Pathless For Ps5 Is On Offer With A 61% Discount For Only 19.98 Euros

The Pathless is an independent action-adventure game developed by Giant Squid and released by Annapurna Interactive on November 12, 2020 for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, macOS and iOS.

Today the title is available on Amazon PlayStation 5 at the lowest price ever, it is on offer at only 19,98 euros with a 61% discount from the list price of 51 euros.

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From the creators of ABZ’s, The Pathless tells of the adventure of a owl and an eagle who will have to cross an immense forest to dissolve the evil darkness that gripes the world. Strengthen your relationship with the eagle by crossing the skies by making jointed stunts and stroke your arrows during stunning evolutions thanks to a system of high speed executable attacks.

Explore an open world full of secrets to discover, crossing nebulous forests, lush meadows and snowy expanses, solving puzzles in the midst of ancient ruins, leaping from tree to tree and svel

The Pathless uses the new aptic feedback from DualSense controller, especially in the shooting stages of the game. On PlayStation 5 you can actually feel the arc tension while you’re holding the trigger, and the additional feedback offered by DualSense controller helps you understand when it’s the ideal time to shoot the arrow.

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