The Outer Worlds 2 For Pc And Xbox Series X/S Has Been Developing Since 2019?

From The Outer Worlds 2’s announcement to E3 2021 to today, Microsoft has no longer provided details on the next act of the sparkling space work begun among the planets of the Alcione System. A small but important clue about the stage of development of the Sci-Fi GDR seems to emerge from the social profiles of the Obsidian team.

The new anticipation of the current stage of work related to The Outer Worlds 2 provides (though indirectly) Dan Maas: from the columns of his profile LinkedIn, the Head of Production of Obsidian explains that he is involved in the development of the ‘

In his professional history, Maas specified that he had taken on the role of Production Director at the California headquarters of Obsidian Entertainment in Orange County in September 2019, devoting himself since then to the realization of the sequel of The O

As some fans who are commenting on this discovery on social media, the production of The Outer Wolrds 2 would therefore have started a few months before the launch of the first chapter, which took place in October 2019. In purely theoretical terms, then, the development of The Outer Worlds 2 for PC and Xbox Series X/S should take a couple of years, with a hypothetically expected marketing window between the end of 2023 and the first half of 2024.

Of course, these assumptions are based on the development timing of the previous chapter of the series that do not take into account, for example, Obsidian’s parallel commitment to the Fantasy Anowed GDR, also expected exclusively on Windows PC

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