The Order 1886, Sony Renews The Brand: Will A Sequel Arrive? There Are Little Hope Left

In the first period of PlayStation 4 on the market, the beautiful graphics of The Order: 1886 had offered a first glimpse of the potential of the new generation of consoles. However, the technical sector alone was not sufficient to ensure success in production.

Ready At Dawn’s epoch, though full of charm, did not convince the general public, mainly because of a very limited duration and a rather limited play component. At the same time, however, Sir Galahad’s vicissitudes and the evocative setting of The Order: 1886 have in time given life to a host of players who would not be looking forward to getting their hands on a sequel

An open wound on which Sony’s brand renewal is now again inflamed. In the WIPO database (World Intellectual Property Organization), a new recording of The Order was spotted: 1886, dated December 9, 2021. However, this does not appear to be a clue to a possible return of the series, as much as a standard procedure for maintaining trademark rights.

In particular, it is important to remember that Ready At Dawn was acquired by Facebook during the summer of 2020. At the moment, the software house is engaged in the realization of Lone Echo II, a new title VR for Oculus devices. The Order: 1886 IP obviously remains Sony’s property, which may decide to entrust a sequel to another team, but for the time being there has been no official communication on it.

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