The New Jrpg Of The Father Of Final Fantasy 15 Will Be Announced In 2022

As tradition has been the case at the end of the year, the Japanese website interviewed the protagonists of Japanese gaming industry to find out what is boiling in pots among large and small development studios. The company also offers its vouchers for 2022, with Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV and later founder of JP Games.

In 2018 Tabata announced its farewell to Square Enix and founded its own independent studio JP Games, to date the team has developed the video game of the Paralympics of Tokyo 2020 and then lose track. Tabata seems to be more engaged than ever and has reiterated that he is working on a new JRPG that will be announced next year, also the goal is to expand the activities of JP Games in the Metaverse.

Last spring, two role-playing games were discussed at JP Games, two different projects described by Hajime Tabata as the evolution of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0, games that bear the signature of the producer and We don’t have any more details at the moment and we only know that the new JRPG of Hajime Tabata will be announced next year, this is JP Games’ intention at the present time.

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