The Mkers Gaming House Theater Of The Launch Of The New Mercedes-Amg Sl

After the revelation of the Mkers Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz in November, the iconic location was the scene of a very thick event: the official presentation of the Mercedes-AMG SL, the re

The evening saw the participation of numerous national personalities, starting from the institutional sphere with Fabiana Dadone, Minister for Youth Policies and Giulia Silvia Ghia, Councillor for Culture, School, Sport, Youth Policies of the I Municipality of Rome

The presentation of a car so recognizable in the collective memory to the gaming house is certainly not random: Mkers and Mercedes-Benz, in fact, possess a common value spectrum, based on the continuous search for excellence, on the reciprocal will to overcome their limits and And gaming house is the location where the two visions meet and blend perfectly: a structure in which technology, performance and innovation are the founding and characterizing elements.

“We chose a special evening to present the new SL, which for us and for all car lovers has always represented a real icon,” said Mirco Scarchilli, Marketing Manager Communication Experience “It is the perfect synthesis between passion, innovation and heritage, values that we make live today in unpublished contexts and totally outside the box, fulfilling an increasingly oriented strategy to bring our brands to unknown territories, through contamination, partnership and dynamics that range from the world

“We are proud to have inaugurated our Gaming House for the launch of such an iconic car as the new Mercedes-AMG SL,” said Thomas de Gasperi, President of Mkers. “The evening was also the perfect occasion to celebrate the arrival of 2022, which is a year full of news, among which stands the launch of our e-racing team powered by Mercedes-Benz.”

In the course of the presentation, moreover, on the facade of a building in front of the structure, a video was projected, with the technique of videomapping, characterized by an historical excursus – from the 70s to the present – on the deep bond that unites A connection that could not fail to be realized in the Eternal City, the home of the “Games.”

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