The Matrix Awakens In Unreal Engine 5 Touches Photorealism: The Trailer Of The Game Awards

The mystery is finally revealed at The Game Awards 2021. After the preload of The Matrix Awakens on PS5 and Xbox Series X was made available free of charge to users, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss showed during the ceremony what the based experience consists of

After showing a new Matrix Resurrections clip, the new film coming to the American cinemas next to Christmas 2021, the two famous actors showed the players the last World Premiere of the ceremony, all focused on Matri Reeves and Moss have first highlighted all the enormous technological advances made by the videogaming world over the years, and then again reiterate that the videogaming experience linked to Matrix will be entirely shot with Epic Ga’s Unreal Engine 5.

The trailer shows not only the enormous visual impact of the work, which gives us a concrete taste of what next-gen can do, but also no short excerpts of gameplay linked to a shooting in the race that appears rather hectic Remember that The Matrix Awakens is already available for download on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with players who can thus fully experience the experience developed by Warner Bros.

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