The Matrix Awakens: Fantastic Graphics, But The Physics And Collisions Of Vehicles?

We were all amazed by the graphics of the demo of The Matrix Awakens in Unreal Engine 5 but how does the management of physics in collisions between vehicles behave? Starting from this question we recorded a video gameplay that shows just this aspect of production.

In about ten minutes of video we decided to showcase the collision system between vehicles and the management of physics among the cars that populate the vast streets of The Matrix Awakens. The Matrix Awakens boasts an open world map of 16 square kilometers with 260 km of roads and 512 km of sidewalks, over 17,000 vehicles in motion (all fully destructive), 45,000 vehicles parked (38,000 drivers) and 27

The Matrix Awakens is not a complete game, we are facing a tech demo made with the Unreal Engine 5 to show the potential of the Epic Games engine however there does not seem to be plans to make Awakens become

On the net, some people have enjoyed crossing the boundaries of the Matrix The Awakens map and some are working on unofficial improvements and optimizations. In short, to be a simple tech demo, Matrix The Awakens has been a very successful one.

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