The Mandalorian Meets Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order With A Beautiful Mod

While the debate on the latest revelations offered by The Mandalorian Episode 2X05 is inflamed on the net, modders explore with originality the sci-fi dimension of Star Wars giving young Cal Kestis by Jedi Fall

The creator of the incredible work we can admire in the video at the top of the news is AlexPo, an amateur developer who unveiled his project on the pages of NexusMods. The Mandalorian mod is therefore available free of charge for all those who want to install it in their PC version of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

AlexPo’s work upsets the look of the proud Padawan Jedi of the last sci-fi adventure of Respawn to replace with a polygonal model that perfectly recreates the features of Mando, or rather,

Protected by its shining armour, the bounty hunter can thus challenge the Empire by choosing to undertake a slightly different Way from that imposed on him by his beliefs: the fictitious Din Djarin of Jedi Fallen Order must set

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