The Legend Of Zelda And Super Mario On Gamecube: An Artist Recreated The Wooden Covers

It is always nice to see an artist passionate about video games making works dedicated to our favorite medium and the works of Pigminted, this is the name of the user we will talk about today, they are among them.

This artist, fan of Nintendo, has decided to reproduce the packs of the most popular games for the glorious GameCube carving them in wood. The result is a three-dimensional cover full of details that will make the joy of any enthusiast of the titles in question. Among the items on sale on his personal store in Etsy, portal through which the craftsmen sell their creations, we find not only the cover of Paper Mario and that of The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, but also those Among the sections of the shop you can also find one entirely dedicated to the SNES, Nintendo console of which Pigminted reproduces wooden cartridges. Obviously, these objects, which require a great deal of work from those who make them, do not have a particularly affordable cost and their price is between 30 and 170 euros based on the complexity of the product.

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